Figures that speak for themselves ...


Growth rate of brand content in classic editorial content by 2020
(source : Oath)


Rate of people wanting to see an ad that blends into the page
(source : Oath)


More clickthrough rate than other types of mobile ads
(Write to Done)


Rates of marketers around the world using content to generate leads and interactions with their customers
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A Mobile First platform to concretize your communication actions

The SOLUTIONS platform federates the expertise of professionals specialized in digital transformation for the benefit of companies and organizations.

SOLUTIONS is of interest to all decision-makers concerned by the transition and the digital transformation of their company or organization: strategy, marketing, production, sales, supply chain, human resources ...


The ongoing news of the digital transformation focused on innovation for the benefit of both the companies and the consumer of technology.


A fortnightly selection of the best articles. 200,000 addresses in Belgium, 20,000 in Luxembourg. A permanent update of the sending addresses.


Special editions fully customized to support your events (forums, conferences ...) or your strategies, made in tailor made.

Our iterative approach

  • Listen

    Identify the expectations of the target audience

  • Analysis

    Measuring visibility, e-reputation and the brand's current influence

  • Identification

    Create a territory of expression specific to the brand in coherence with its DNA

  • Conception

    Elaborate the editorial strategy for the creation of an ecosystem of durable and effective contents

  • Production

    Create and produce optimized and harmonized content according to different media

  • Optimization

    Maximize impact by spreading the right message to the right person and the right channel

  • Evaluation

    Measure and analyze predefined performance metrics (KPI's) together


Key figures

  • 23,12%

    Average average opening rate of newsletters

  • + 40%

    ICT Manager Readership

  • +240.000/mois

    Cumulative page views

  • 200.000

    Subscribers to the newsletter

Our offers

The company is transformed, communication anticipates

IT to automate has lived. Today, the company is questioning itself. She uses technology to transform herself. It is not necessarily the IT manager who controls the change, but the marketing manager, the sales manager, the financial manager ... Everyone has a say. Because everyone can access technologies to rebuild the company.

Redesigning the company means, first and foremost, accepting to transform itself. Digital transformation is at the heart of the SOLUTIONS platform's editorial strategy and its communication tools: websites, newsletters and magazines.

As a pure IT press in its early days in 1993, SOLUTIONS, owned by Dixit.Com, an independent Belgian publisher, has become a Mobile First platform focused on digital transformation without excluding paper editions.

Today, SOLUTIONS offers you the opportunity to speak, initiate a conversation with your prospects and stay in touch with your customers.

With SOLUTIONS, make your brand a media!

Alain de Fooz
Founder & CEO

Alain de Fooz
00 32 498 255 118

Xavier Van Engelen
00 32 485 005 425